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What Happened Today at the Monastery?

Our long time supporters, Dr. Sunder and his wife Thilaka, meet with Bodhinatha this morning.

And chat with the monks…

Ceyonswami looks over the astrology of the day with devotees in the temple after the morning puja.

A local Balinese man who lives on Kauai, brought this amazing traditional offering to the temple today.

Sivaratri night decorations.

Chudika is an excellent artist…

Sadhaka Dandapani is responsible for preparation of the first draft of the monthly Kauai Aadheenam newsletter. Sadhaka Haranandinatha, who manages the fund-raising for Iraivan, keeps an eye on the content because it goes out to all our temples supporters.

Saravanathaswami at work coordinating future travels

And preparing for up and coming seminars in distant lands.

Gurudeva once said: “Whenever someone reads my writings, I will be there.”

This testimony comes from Norway:

Dear sirs

I have just begun reading the book “Merging with Siva” more in depth. This is the most joy I have felt since I was a child. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I have been taking notes of my “rooms of the psyche” myself for ages, and now I find it all mapped in your books. Everything I have suspected, and more, is right there — what a masterpiece you have given the world!

I have written to you several times, and you have helped me, but I never felt joy like this before, so I decided to send this email. Siva only knows how I will get any sleep tonite!

I now consider myself a Saivite!
I have contacted a temple in Oslo and will ask them to perform the rituals for conversion.

Also, I have ordered your books from Amazon, along with loving Ganesh.

I start each morning with a soundtrack by krishna das called “Om Namah Sivaya”, and instantly the light in my chest begins to radiate (along with the burning sensation on my forehead). I can sit for hours smiling.

Thank you!

And thank you Siva for allowing me to know these things.

Siva be praised!

Siva’s Holy Night

The last day of the phase was Maha Sivaratri, to which only sishya and a few devotees are invited. It is always a powerful night. This photo captures an unusual ring of fire that appear above the homa…

This was a particular auspicious night because three pre-monastics took their supplicant vows. Brahmacharis, Nandi, Tandava and Rajan….

The temple is scintillating.

Monks prepare for the powerful Siva worship…

Sadhaka Tejadevanatha hard at work in the back room preparing items for the puja

Monks are deep in meditation on this holy night

The abhishekam…

Innersearch Asian Odyssey 2008 Retrospective

January 20: Our second day in Langkawi and we have a wonderful excursion planned for the group. Trevor McPhee, our Langkawi coordinator, arrives with two cars filled with picnic supplies. He and his wife have been amazing in helping make our stay on this island truly special.

Mohan who works at the Berjaya hotel we are staying at helps us move the supplies to the beach. Mohan incidentally is an expert thevaram singer.

Kala Jeyakumar (lef) and Devi Tandavan arrive at the hotel beach ready for the outing.

The excursion today is to a remote island. The boats that will take us out there have just arrived and are waiting for us to board.

The group gathers in the shade.

A small team helps to load the boats with all the supplies.

The view of our hotel as our boat speeds off into the straits of Malacca.

About half an hour later we arrive on a beautiful island all to ourselves.

The boats are anchored in the distance in the clear blue water.

Babu Chandreswaran from Batticaloa, Sri Lanka.

Kirti Thakrar (left) from the UK chats with Sri Mallampalli from Florida.

The children are having a great time and have become friends very quickly.

Indrathevi and Tharumadevi from Australia are used to life on an island having come from Sri Lanka. They now living in Australia.

While the group is meditating Shanmuganathaswami is on guard to protect our supplies from monkeys on the island. We already had one bag of chips stolen and swami is determined to make sure nothing else is taken by the island residents.

Palaniswami leads a group meditation.

Our team of helpers set up the lunch station.

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