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Bodhinatha in Mauritius

We are sending a few photos of today’s events for Satguru Bodhinatha in Mauritius. First day visit… Friday morning started quietly with the chirping of birds in the filao trees. Bodhinatha and Sadhaka had some rest after their long flight.

Summer is about to near its end and the cool breeze of winter could be felt over the beach. Here is Bodhinatha at the bungalow on sea shore of Cal Malheureux.

The sun is radiant and Gunner’s Coin island in the background offers a spectacular view from the beach.

It’s a quiet day with not many holiday makers on the sandy beach.

The Manick family from Goodlands just arrived bringing the lunch for Satguru and Sadhaka.

Later that evening Bodhinatha met with all the Church members living in the north of the island for a satsang at the residence of the Mardemootoo. Fine weather for this spiritual event….

On arrival, a simple pada puja by Kulapati Manon.

…While the sishyas are singing devotional songs.

Kulapati and Kulamata Selvon….

Time for sishyas to come forward and meet the Guru…

Sishya Somandiren Peruman…

Bodhinatha gave a talk in the light of sutra number 2 on the purpose of life…

“My followers must remember that the purpose of life is to wholeheartedly serve God, Gods and Guru and fulfill the four traditional goals of duty, wealth, love and Liberation. Yea, they are servants of the divine. Aum.” Sutra 2

Bodhinatha elaborated and clarified the key concepts of this sutra.

After Bodhinatha’s talk, sishyas sang a few Natchintanai and the group then broke off allowing each Church family to meet Satguru Bodhinatha privately.

It was a nice spiritual event allowing sishyas to be further inspired in their daily spiritual life.

What Happened Today at the Monastery?

Sadhu Paksha monks’ sadhana in the morning is to wander the land, seeing Lord Shiva in nature.

North Side Kadavul Garden

“A picture speaks a thousand words” as the saying goes…today we have few pictures showing the transformation that took place in our little Muruga Garden right next to our Kadavul Temple.

The Siddhidata Kulam is doing the initial clearing of the site that was neglected over the years. We have to clear some bamboo in other part of the Aadheenam and we decided to use them as our cloistered area privacy fence.

Not pictured here, we had several monastics help the Siddhidata Kulam to remove a lot of concrete rubbles and rock. Most of the concrete were recycled.

The area is landscaped with pots and logs.

The hard work is done. The fun begins next…planting plants.

Our Siddhidata Kulam team is very happy with what they have accomplished in one afternoon.

We moved a lot of orchids that were suffering in one of our propagation nurseries. We hope they
will be happy plants here in their new home.

The final outcome — a finished garden with ground cover and other plants.

Stay tuned for the fully grown Muruga Garden’s picture some time in the new future.

Pictures speak a thousand words,but they will never replace your personal experience at Kauai Aadhenam 🙂

Come visit us and see it for yourself!

Innersearch Asian Odyssey 2008 Retrospective

We continue with the Innersearch documentary today. Here the group has lunch on the roof top of the hotel after a full morning of activities at Kanya Kumari.

Shivani and her brother, Kailas enjoying the view of the ocean from the hotel room.

Everyone is in high spirits and looking forward to the 4 days in Kovalam.

Palaniswami shares a few stories before we get on our buses to head off to our next destination.

Lindsay Boyer and Devi Marks

Greeted by friendly staff.

The drive up to Kovalam is beautiful and we pass many waterways and endless coconut groves.

Everybody is enjoying the comforts of this exotic hotel after many days of pilgrimaging through many small towns in south India.

The famous backwaters of Kerala.

We finally arrive at our beautiful hotel in Kovalam, the Taj Green Cove.

And make our way up to the lobby situated on a small hill.

4 nights here and 3 full days of classes with Bodhinatha and Palaniswami, which begins tomorrow. Lots to look forward to.

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