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Bodhinatha in Transit

Bodhinatha and Sadhaka Haranandinatha are on their way home from Africa. It’s a two day journey to Mauritius, Singapore, Taiwan and then home the day after tomorrow.

Sadhaka Haranandinatha sends a short retrospective of the last day in Mauritius before departing for Africa. Here we are on the 14th with the members of Mauritius who live in the south. Vibhuti blessings.

Meanwhile, Bodhinatha sends these briefs from his time in Africa:

April 19th:

Om Sivaya, everyone,

Jai Ganapati,

Late morning flight from Johannesburg to Durban. Small reception group at airport, then a stop at the oldest Saivite Temple where kavadi had finished earlier and Murugan puja was taking place, then on to hotel. Evening to Ramakrishna Centre for courtesy call and meeting with the Swami. Then to the Pietermaritzburg center of the Saiva Siddhanta Sungum where some four hundred gathered for bhajan and then my talk.

April 20th:

Visit to the Chatsworth center of the Saiva Siddhanta Sungum where between 200-300 hundred gathered for their regular Sunday service after which I gave an hour talk. Interesting type service. It is written by the founder Guru Subramanyam, is in Tamil in some 36 parts of group singing and the leader doing a prayer or song by himself. All about God Siva of course. Next a radio interview for a Sunday morning religious program on Hinduism that is widely listened to by the South African Durban Hindu community. Shren, our host who went on innersearch India, felt lots of Hindus would hear the program and be introduced to our website. In the evening to the Phoenix branch of the Sungum for another bhajan/lecture program with well over one hundred attending.

Morning street scene from the hotel roof in Quatre Borne, Mauritius. Today Bodhinatha will go to the south of the island.

On the way to the south we make a quick stop to see the magnificent statue of Shiva at Grand Bassin.

Satsang with the devotees of Chemin Grenier and the south of Mauritius at a sea side bungalow.

Here’s a photo from the seaside bungalow. The beautiful beach at Blue Bay which we (and the Mauritius tourist bureau) encourage everyone to visit.

Bodhinatha’s devotees from Mahebourg are happy to have the opportunity to serve him lunch.

Our gracious hosts in Blue Bay, Viren and his wife, saying goodbye to Bodhinatha as he prepares to leave for the airport to depart for South Africa.

What Happened Today at the Monastery?

We begin a new phase with Sun One Homa.

Tour Day!

The Kauai’s Hindu Monastery is prominently noted in several guide books and is becoming more well-known in the Hindu community around the world. Today two tours at 9am and 11am brought a guestimated 150 people, and the temple was filled with Hindu visitors.

A photographer’s dream

Our silpis on show….

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