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Bodhinatha in Transit

Bodhinatha is in his second day of a long and arduous journey home from Africa. He arrives in Hawaii tomorrow morning.

Innersearch Asian Odyssey 2008 Retrospective

February 4th, 2008: It’s the last day of the 2008 Asian Odyssey. Everyone gathers in the hotel lobby for our final outing, a trip to the Leela hotel for our Finale breakfast.

Innersearchers take this opportunity to say their goodbyes and thank yous to Bodhinatha.

It has been a wonderfully special journey and everyone is a little sad to say goodbye to their newfound spiritual friends.

An amazing journey for Babu Chandreswaran and he has lots of stories to share with the young boys at the orphanage in Sri Lanka plus everyone else in the community that are eagerly awaiting his return.

We gather on the beach area at the Leela to first perform our traditional Innersearch “Who you are makes a difference.”

Palaniswami explains how it works. You place a ribbon on someone and you tell them why they have made a positive difference in your life and everyone around them.

Innersearchers pair up and head off to share their gratitude towards one another.

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