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What Happened Today at the Monastery?

The Srinivasan family came today (no pictures) they have four children and their little son and daughters all chanted Sanskrit for Bodhinatha.

It’s quiet at the Aadheenam… Bodhinatha is preparing to leave again shortly for Mauritius and South Africa.

We bring you today the start of photos from the famous temple of Lord Murugan in the deep south, Tiruchendur.

Innersearch Asian Odyssey 2008 Retrospective

Late evening on January 29th we arrive in Tiruchendur. Here’s the group gathered outside our hotel, the Sivamurugan Lodge.

After a quick shower we head off to the temple to participate in the parade of Muruga in the golden chariot.

Innersearchers have the blessed opportunity to pull Muruga’s chariot.

The chariot circles the temple and makes its way back to the entrance led by the temple’s baby elephant.

This part of the temple path is slanting uphill and it requires everyone to pull harder.

Vetri Vel Muruga!

The group poses with Muruga for a memorable photo.

Temple priests.

Taking a break and a short meditation as we wait for Bodhinatha to arrive.

Bodhinatha arrives and is greeted by the traditional tavil and nadaswaram.

The entire group is now led to the sanctum within the temple. No photographs allowed there so we are not able to share with you the amazing puja that took place for Lord Muruga.

Later in the night we gather outside the hotel to coordinate the next days events. Innersearchers read the daily itinerary that were prepared by the monks detailing the events of the following day.

Last minute changes are noted and added to the itinerary.

30 January, Tiruchendur – Well before dawn we gather outside our hotel and are led by tavil and nadaswaram playes to a hall adjacent to the temple.

Bodhinatha is greeted there with a kumbha by temple priests.

We gather inside the hall for one of the most amazing homas we have ever seen.

100 small kumbhas have been set up. One for each Innersearcher.

Bodhinatha sprinkles blessed water on everyone.

We’ll continue tomorrow with more photos from this ceremony.

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