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Bodhinatha in Transit to Mauritius

Bodhinatha makes use of his time waiting for flight to Mauritius at Singapore airport answering all of your emails. He and Haranandi have been in transit for over 24 hours. Bodhinatha writes:

“Arrived safely in Singapore about midnight (6 AM Kauai time) The flights create a 24 hour long day but do get you there otherwise comfortably. After six hours in the transit hotel in Terminal One we are checking in for Mauritius at the moment (7:30 AM the 9th)”

Citizens Visit

Kauai’s Hindu Monastery is a destination for local senior citizens groups. A whole bus load arrived, hosted by Isani Alahan.

Even for long time Kauai resident’s they are still awestruck but what they see here.

Innersearch Asian Odyssey 2008 Retrospective

30 Jan 2008: The grand abhishegam at Tiruchendur goes on and everyone is immersed in Lord Muruga’s darshan.

Vinoth Subban (far left), one of the priests at the temple, was instrumental in setting up this amazing experience we all had.

After the puja we head back to the hall for lunch.

With a brief stop to visit the young temple elephant.

It’s been a long morning and nothing like a south Indian lunch to settle the hunger pangs.

It’s time to check out of our hotel in Tiruchendur and make our way to Kanyakumari. The group gathers outside the hotel. Quite a sight! 98 people and over a 100 pieces of luggage.

We head off to our busses.

And begin the 3-hour coastal journey to Kanyakumari.

India’s wonderful attempt at green energy.

Wind turbines fill the horizon.

We arrive at our hotel Maadhini and begin the process of checking everyone in.

Which room would you like?

The view from the hotel lobby is quite beautiful…

…looking over a fishing village and the Tiruvalluvar and Vivekananda memorial islands.

In the evening we head down to the beach to watch the sunset that Kanyakumari is so famous for. Here’s Suselah and her sister, Sakuntalai. And Puvaneswary on the far right.

Misha from South Africa (left) enjoying the sunset with Prema and Ramani Iyer from south Australia.

Joel Knepp from Ohio.

Aran and Tara Veylan from Edmonton, Canada.

Aran and Valli Sendan from Kauai with their grandson, Chidambaram.

Shailesh Trivedi from California and Thomas Kelly from Nepal.

Harish and Kirti Thakrar from London, UK.

Giles, Amartya and Oisin Thompson from Kansas.

Thomas shows some of the young ones how to take a photo.

Look at my camera, Thomas! I can take a photo too.

No, this is not Mayuresh’s photo. It’s another one of Thomas’s extraordinary shots.

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