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Silpis Visas Arrived!

It is the end of our phase today. The Ganapati Kulam gave their report today.

The big news is that after a year or more or hard work by Sannyasin Arumugaswami, and the grace of God, Gods and Guru, the Religious Worker Visas for our silpis in India were finally granted. It was through his indefatigable efforts to work through our congress representatives and a top lawyer in Washington D.C. that we were able to not only get visas for our silpis, but to also set a major precedent for Hindu temples across America in having silpis recognized as religious workers.

Today is the last day of our phase.
This edition of TAKA will remain posted
over our coming two-day retreat,
until Dasami Tithi, Sun One, Tuesday, May 13th.

The Ganapati Kulam also just completed the editorial production of the July-September-October issue of Hinduism Today. The Insight section covers the life and work of one of Hinduism’s greatest and most influential saints: Sri Madhvacharya, who expounded the dualist principles of Vaishnavism and forged a powerful movement based on bhakti and the principles of the soul’s relationship with the Divine, that re-shaped the future of the Hinduism.

Other fascinating stories are based on Lord Ganesha

More and more American Hindus are taking on the responsibility to improve Hinduism in India by actually doing something about it instead of just talking about it. This is a great story about a Hindu American woman who supports a school in India.

We also have a wonderful youth feature based on interviews of the youth who went on the recent Innersearch.

Work continues on a Keynote presentation for Hindu Heritage Endowment.

This is a slide show that focuses on how endowments can help US temples and mandirs. It will be presented to boards of trustees around the country and put online, including a YouTube version.

Mother’s Blessings Arrive from Brazil

Our Amma Debora arrived from Brasil yesterday, to visit the monastery for the first time and see her son, Sadhaka Satyanatha.

After a few hours with Satyanatha, she came to the publications building where he serves, and immediately unpacked some gifts she had carried 10,000 miles from her home near San Paulo.

First out of the box came a hand-made quilt that Amma Debora made for the monstery, complete with a delightful sacred AUM.

She explains that she worked for weeks, and even has a callous on the end of a stitching finger to prove it!

Then into a bigger box.

Full of goodies for the monks.

Amma goes through each item, explaining.

There are the all-important chocolates. These days real chocolates, the 60 and 70% kind, are highly touted for health, and who does not love long life and dark chocolates!

Every wholesome thing you can think of: nuts, dried fruits, exotic things we’ve never eaten before.

That was yesterday. Today she was invited to attend the Ganapati Kulam morning meeting, to see how our little team, which includes her son, begins each day with chanting, affirmations and sharing of projects/duties/logistics/and such.

As it happened, she was here the morning we took our updated photos of the entire monastery, and was invited at the end to stand with Bodhiantha to record the moment. Good timing, Amma!

She knows Photoshop, so she and Satyanatha worked on some color correction of the photo. Welcome to Kauai, Amma Debora!

Last chance! The seminar dates are nearly here…

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