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What Happened Today at the Monastery?

Another bright phase begins with lots of Hindu guests

This lovely family arrived today who had been looking forward to visiting
Gurudeva’s Aadheenam for many years.

On the right is P. B. Kulkarni and his wife, Sudha Kulkarni from Pune, India. They first met Gurudeva in 1995 in Mumbai where Sudha felt very moved by the presence of this Great Soul. It was there that Gurudeva gave her a gift, “Dancing with Siva.” She was so impressed with this sacred book that she felt that it should be introduced into all the libraries and schools in Maharashtra. And so, with the blessings of Gurudeva, Sudha translated the entire book into Marathi, and it now adorns the shelves of all the libraries and is studied in the schools of Maharasthra.

On the left is Sudha’s daughter, Dr. Yogini Kulkarni-Sharma. On the far right is Rohan Sharma, Yogini’s husband, and next to him is their five-year-old very well-behaved little son, Ishaan. Yogini and Rohan met Gurudeva in Singapore in 2001.

And now – ‘all aboard’ – and off to a meeting with Paramacharya Palaniswami who has known this family for many years.

Rolling the ball around in the lion’s mouth is fun for these children from families visiting the temple today. Front and center is Parshv age 6; in yellow is Vedant age 6 1/2; In the background is Abinaya age 9 and her brother Amrit age 4.

With the sacred Rudraksha trees acting as a backdrop, Yoganathaswami poses with our visiting families on the South side of the Iraivan Temple. All had attended the puja in the Kadavul Siva Temple and all felt “blessed” to be here. They were very impressed with the all-white granite beautifully handcarved Iraivan Temple and asked many questions about it.

From the left is Niranjan Sankaranarayanan from Hartford, CT; Mahesh and Minari Shukla from Alhambra, CA; Adishwar Jain and Sanjay Ghatnekar with their wives and children from Newbury Park, CA.

These two families are going back to India and they pledge to make this visit to our temple as their last stop in America before returning to the homeland.

Teaching in California

The Folsom, California chapter of the HSS invited Kulapati Easan Katir again to speak at their Sunday Balagokulam. They are an active group with lots of good questions.

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