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Bodhinatha in Arizona

Friday, 16th May: After an all night flight, arriving very early in the morning in Arizona yesterday (Friday) Bodhinatha rested and then met with devotees and went to the Ekta Mandir in the evening. Here he is speaking at the Ekta Mandir

Bodhinatha meets with Raj Sivananthan. Raj recently visited Kauai with his uncle and aunt from Sri Lanka. They are Yogaswami devotees.

And Raj reads the Master Course daily on his Blackberry.

Vignesh Sukumaran and his daughter Abhirami. Vignesh has been a devotee of Gurudeva for many years now.

Jeff Wiske who use to live on Kauai and was on the 2001 Europe Innersearch with Gurudeva.

Dasan Mahadevan drove out here from San Diego to spend time with his guru.

Arriving at the Ekta Mandir.

Magnificent Sivalingam at the mandir.

Jai Sreecharan welcomes Bodhinatha.

Sat, 17th May: Here we are this morning at the Maha Ganapati temple of Arizona for the kumbhabhishegam.

The Siva kumbha in the yagasala.

Bodhinatha looks into the mirror as part of the eye opening ceremony for the deities. Looking at Ganesha.

Placing sacred gems in the navagraha shrine.

What Happened Today at the Monastery?

Andre Garzia is here from Brazil after having gone to Las Vegas as a speaker at the Annual Runtime Revolution Conference there. Andre is on Kauai for 3 weeks. He is helping Sivakatirswami migrate all our web sites to a new and upgraded web server. He’s a real wizard with the computer.

He is also helping to migrate all the past Hinduism Today articles into the new XOOPS Content Management System for the release of a new Hinduism Today site which is still under wraps.

Our new web server has a terabyte of hard drive space, the latest CentOS-5 (Red Hat Linux) system. Quicktime Streaming Server will be installed for high end video delivery.

Last year Andre alerted us to the One Laptop Per Child Program. You can buy one and give one at the same time. Since the program would not allow an individual to make a purchase in Brazil, Saiva Siddhanta Church charity fund paid for half and Andre the other half. This is the computer that Andre will get, and and the one we paid for goes to a poor child in a far off country.

This little machine is “just so cool!” To find out more see the One Laptop Per Child web site.

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