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What Happened Today at the Monastery?

Today was a very auspicious day at Kauai Aadheenam. Sadhaka Jothinatha became Yogi Jothinatha. Having reached the age of 70 he moves on from the sadhaka path to the path of tapas as a yogi tapasvin.

Here he is taking his new vows this morning

Reading the vows…

Bodhinatha signs

Presentation of the yellow robes

Yogi Jothinatha with his danda and yellow robes.

Our new Yogi

The morning homa ceremony then proceeds.

It was also Sun One homa and Jothi and Vasuki Sendan’s baby girl, Shama, received his first solid food at the Anna Prasanna Samskara.

Bodhinatha give his Sun One talk explaining why it is important for Hindus to understand the relationship of the Saiva and Vaishnava traditions within Hinduism.

They, he explained, two different ways of looking at the Supreme God.

Today’s Pilgrims and Visitors

Nigel Siva Subramaniam and his wife Inpah and son Raghavan are here on a pilgrimage from Maryland.

Andre Garzia from Brazil is joining in all the ceremonies and pujas during his stay.

Bodhinatha’s Mission to Arizona

Bodhinatha is back home having arrived during the retreat. and he is off again tomorrow to California, Chicago and Toronto.

Meanwhile we bring you retrospectives on the events in Arizona from where he has just returned.

Sunday, 18th Jan: We continue with our coverage of Bodhinatha’s visit to the Maha Ganapati temple in Arizona. Morning of the kumbhabhishegam day. Sun rays coming into the yagasala.

The kumbha pot that will be poured over Ganesha.

A couple of Gurudeva’s devotees had a table displaying our publications.

Bodhinatha full of smiles.

In the Siva shrine.

Some of the wonderful plaster work around the sanctum.

The temple got so crowded at one point that some attendees had to stand outside.

Bodhinatha and Sadhaka Dandapani worshipping in the sanctum.

Palaniswami and Senthilnathaswami High-Tech Travels

This is the GOOGLE headquarters in Mountain View. Palaniswami and Senthilnathaswami, on their way to New York, made several important stops in the Bay Area, all part of their mission to bring new knowledge, skills and collaborations to Gurudeva’s teachings.

Senthilnathaswami is “blogging” the trip and you can get more here:

Rolf Schreiber was our host. He is an engineer who fell in love with Kauai and has also taken Bodhinatha through the Googleplex. Rolf works on the solar/electrical energy initiatives at Google, and also works on their charitable efforts to reduce poverty and disease around the world.

At the entry we find a scrolling display that has all kinds of interesting words and phrases running by. Searches at this moment included: wal-mart, MAPS, world holiday calender, poems, road rash, 2000 election for texas governor and something called annemieke nuijten.

Rolf took the monks, plus Easan Katir and son Karti, through the amazing offices. Behind is a real-life wind tunnel prototype of the Virgin Space Ship 1 vehicle that, in the next two years, will take people into weightless regions of the lower stratosphere.

The campus, which more like a college that a corporate office, is quiet today, as it’s Saturday and the 17 restaurants that serve free food are all closed.

Thank you, Rolf. We hope you and your family enjoyed the raisin-ginger chutney.

Lunch was a delightful session with two of the main forces at Hindu America Foundation, HAF, which has worked for years with the Hinduism Today team.

Mihir Meghani and his new wife Tanvi from Mumbai asked for blessings on their recent marriage, and in the tradition of Gurudeva received a shawl and simple blessings from the two swamis. They are planning a visit to Kauai.

We were introduced to Swaminathan Venkataraman, who has undertaken an important new initiative at HAF involving global interfaith progress, bringing the tolerance of Hinduism to wider audiences.

Mihir shared news of HAF’s growth and future aspirations. Under his leadership HAF has become, in a short five years, a major force for good for all Hindus in America.

After the HAF meeting, there followed a technical session in Berkeley with two brilliant software designers who are working to assist the monks in porting our InDesign files of books and magazines onto the web.

But it was day’s end that was the sweetest time. The two swamis were greeted by members and students at Easvan Param’s home in Walnut Creek. Wonderful dance and sacred songs, talks by the traveling swamis and a 10-course dinner in a tent in the back yard followed. Off the next dawn to New York. AUM NAMASIVAYA!

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