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Bodhinatha On Mission — Again!

Bodhinatha, Muruganathaswami, Saravananathaswami and Sadhaka Satyanatha left for San Franscisco today for the Retreat Study Program.

Bodhinatha and Saravanathaswami will continue on later to Chicago and Toronto and be back to the Aadheenam on June 3rd.

Arizona Temple Events

We continue with our coverage of the Arizona Maha Ganapati temple kumbhabhishegam. It was estimated that nearly 3,000 people showed up.

Many beautiful garlands were weaved.

And the temple decorated beautifully.

The navagrahas installed at the rear end of the temple.

Priests performing homa right before the kumbha abhishegam.

Once the homa was completed, the kumbhas were paraded around the temple by priests.

One for each of the main shrines – Ganapati, Siva, Vishnu and Navagrahas.

West Side Outing

On our Three-day retreats, the monks sometimes go on outings. This past retreat we decided to do the “West Side Tourist Run” and go to Salt Pond for a swim then up to Kokee, Waimea Canyon and back down to Poipu for a swim in the waves. When you reach Elieli, you get a marvelous view of the Hanapepe valley.

Outside of Hanapepe is a small beach called “Salt Pond” because here are some low mud flats where sea water collects and sea salt can be captured. Sivakatirswami gather some to take home.

Hanapepe marks the beginning of the dry section of Kauai which extend from here westward to Polehale beach where rainfall is very low throughout the year. This is because all the rain falls down along the North and east coast lines. And clouds are bereft of water as the reach the western shores.

After a swim we drive up and up and up toward Kokee. Meanwhile some fog and rain are making there way toward the hill tops. We stop at the Waimea Canyon look out.

It’s very hard to do justice to the beauty of this view. It was extra special with the fog moving through the valley. Though we have seen it many times, the incredible work of nature that has taken millions of years to create is always an uplifting experience.

Andre Garzia now has seen all three of Kauai’s climates, each one a unique and self-contained ecosystem: the wet jungle world of Kapaa side where the Aadheenam is, the dry low lands of the west and the completely different world at the top of the mountain.

Hmm. the fog is getting really thick as we keep going up and up.

Here we are at the top. From this location you can look over to the north and see the Kalalau Valley all the way to the Ocean. It is also an amazing sight. With us today: Brahmachari Rajan, Saravanathanswami, Sivakatirswami, Andre and Yogi Jivanandanatha behind the camera.


Look Kalalau Valley!

Ha! Sorry, not today… it’s the vision of the misty white light. But the silence of the spaces and the prana wafting up from the rising mists carry their own special blessings.

An unusual fern unfolds in the mountain air.

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