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Bodhinatha Retreat Study Program

Here is Bodhinatha at his first seminar session at the Las Alas Lodge at the Sequoia Retreat Center in California.

Today’s Pilgrims and Visitors

Shanmuganathswami and Yogi’s Jivanandanatha and Jothinatha meet with the Subramaniam family to discuss matter relating to the Hindu Heritage Endowment funds that they have started for the Murugan Temple in Maryland.

Originally from Bangaluru and now residing in Tampa, Florida, here the Lokesh family poses with our ‘Six Super Siplis.’ Swarna noted that his family had been contributing to the Iraivan Temple construction for some time; however, this was their first actual visit here. He further commented that “It was truly amazing to see this wonderful Siva temple manifesting on Kauai in this sacred and beautiful setting and we all hope to return for the Mahakumbhabhishekam.”

In front of the Kadavul Temple pool is Swarna Lokesh and his wife, Haravu, and daughter and son, Sneha and Ashimanyu.

Two more families arrived for a tour of the Iraivan Temple following the morning puja.

On the left is Eswar Vemulapalli, his wife Chitra, and their young daughter, Sharannaya from Foster City, California. Similarly to the Lokesh family, they had initially heard about the Iraivan Temple from friends who had previously pilgrimaged here.

On the right is Arnab and Vasudha Paul with their two year old daughter, Meghna, from San Jose, California.

Palaniswami and Senthilnathaswami Are Back- Trip Update

After two days of mind-boggling, high-end, thought-provoking, future-altering sessions at the multi-media seminar, Palaniswami and Senthilnathaswami packed their bags and left New York on Thursday, flying all day to San Francisco. We took the subway from Midtown all the way out to Queens to JFK airport for our flight back to San Francisco.

Arriving mid-day, we drove to the headquarters of Adobe in San Jose, the company that designs all of the software the monks use in our publications mission: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dream Weaver, Flash and more.

Their tools are a major part of our work and service.

We were able to meet with the heads of Adobe’s globalization teams in a video conference that tied together the Seattle InDesign team, the global languages team and two consultants for a rambling 2-hour discussion.

The buildings are under a major security umbrella, and the swamis had to sign non-disclosure agreements just to enter for the meeting. So, if we don’t say anything important or technical about our conference, you will understand.

The lobby showcases their products.

The Globalization, type and InDesign groups at Adobe Systems, Inc. are brilliant engineers working with many languages of the world. InDesign and Adobe type
technology are at the core of our communications ministry, and the
opportunity to meet with the publication software giant’s engineers
and managers to discuss some of the ways we use and look forward to
using their fine publishing software was a fantastic opportunity. They
thought it was a great chance to meet with some experienced and
sophisticated users and appreciated our visit as well.
An exciting part of the conclave, which included video conferencing
with some team members at Adobe’s offices in Seattle, as well as a few
by telephone, was introducing them to an olai, or palmyra palm leaf
page of an ancient Sanskrit manuscript from South India. Jaws dropped
and eyes widened as one of humanity’s first forms of type and
publication made its way around the table. We shared the story of our efforts to preserve the hundreds of thousands of texts for future generations. Great meeting!

Next we drove to Burlingame for a long meeting with Joe Russell. Joe is a Mac expert and consultant based in San Francisco. We are conversing with him about ways he can help the publications team on Kauai with our high-tech tools and their care and feeding.

A nighttime photo of the Earth, showing how the human race lights up the darkness. Notice how bright India is compared to China to the north. AUM NAMA SIVAYA!

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