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What Happened Today at the Monastery?

It is another beautiful and profoundly peaceful day a the Aadheenam. Inside the various kulams the monks are busy as bees but the atmosphere is still.

Bodhinatha finished is California retreat today and will be flying off to Chicago tomorrow.

Today is the last day of our phase.
This edition of TAKA will remain posted
over our coming two-day retreat,
until Dasami Tithi, Sun One, Thursday, March 24th.
5/29/08 Sun 1, Thursday

Deva Rajan and his wife Gayathri, have been on the island for the past week. Deva owns Canyon Construction in California. Here he is doing some minor repair work on the Pilliyar Kulam office that was damages by termites. Thank you Deva for all of your Seva!

Monks in Los Angeles

The story continues today of Palaniswami’s and Senthilnathaswami’s trip.

“Then we were off to the home and studio of Ben Patrick Johnson, Hollywood’s foremost voice-over actor/narrator, as well as author, activist and commentator. We got connected with Ben when we saw en episode of his webcast, Life from the Left Coast, about religious fundamentalism. He made such a clear and concise summary of the phenomenon in many of the world’s religions, we had to compliment him on it. We also loved the webcast’s motion graphics so much, we wanted to find out who did them so we could get similar graphics made for our online videos (which we are now doing). Senthilnathaswami, Ben and Palaniswami pose for what Ben likes to call “our MySpace photo.”

All throughout our travels, Palaniswami was evangelizing a great tool he has found for taking quick notes by phone while on the go. Jott (go to to register, and it’s free) allows you to make a free call from your cell phone, say whatever you need to say, and then within a few minutes their system transcribes your voice message and e-mails or texts it to you. It’s fast, easy, and often far more convenient than writing on paper. Plus, when you get back to your computer, your note is right there in your e-mail, and you can copy and paste it into a calendar or a to do list. As we had a delicious lunch at a vegan restaurant on the border of Hollywood and Beverly Hills, Palaniswami demonstrated Jott to Ben. Later, back in his studio, we had fun writing a spoof advertisement voice-over for Jott. Have a listen:

Right from a professional sound studio in his Hollywood Hills home, Ben works live, via a special high-quality-audio-over-ISDN connection, throughout the day for such networks as CBS and Fox doing voice-overs for television show promos, ads, and for movie studios as the voice on many movie trailers.

While we were there, we watched Ben as he skillfully went back and forth from conversations with us to performing in the sound booth within seconds. Ben will do 4-12 of these sessions in a typical day (once he did 23), sitting before the mic as he reads, re-reads and re-reads little sound bytes, slightly varying inflection and tone of voice until the producers in the production houses on the other end of the connection feel they have just the sound they want. Thank you, Ben. AUM NAMA SIVAYA AUM!

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