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Bodhinatha in Illinois, May 27th

Here is Bodhinatha at Satsang in Illinois.

Saravananathaswami writes:

“We visited the home of Gaurav and Ripla Malhotra for satsang with their family and friends. Bodhinatha holds their newborn son, Aran.”

More of the story below…

What Happened Today at the Monastery?

We began a new phase with Sun One Homa….

Monks doing japa during the ceremony.

Paramacharya Ceyonswami presiding…

Ceyonswami gives a short talk on the meaning of the temple kodimaram. We are just now trying to ship the kodimaram for Iraivan temple from India, and questions have come up because it is longer than the standard shipping container. As we look into it, all kinds of information is coming out about the mystical design and meaning of the temple flagpole, how it represents the three worlds, the seven chakras, and how it is part of the energy generated by the temple.

Back in Illinois with Bodhinatha

Bodhinatha talks to the assembled group about various topics related to passing on the religion to young Hindus growing up in the US.

more of the assembled group

Vibhuti blessing for Aran.

Blessing Gaurav

Feeding first solid food to Aran

We flew half an hour from Chicago to Urbana. A welcome at the residence of Narayana and Sarojini Rao, founding members of the new Ganesha/Saraswati temple project.

Kauai Aadheenam gifted this Ganesha for the new temple project. Land has been acquired and fundraising is about to begin for construction.

The Rao’s large shrine room

Professor Rao presents a new book to Bodhinatha.

Family and friends get seated as Prof. Rao introduces Bodhinatha and Kauai Aadheenam

Vibhuti blessing at the end of the satsanga

Prof. Rao takes us on a short tour of the large University of Illinois campus where he is an engineering professor.

An old tower on the campus

The 40-acre plot of land where the temple will be built. It is the field of yellow flowers behind the green lawn. The surrounding area is all agricultural, miles of flat fields.

Arrival on campus at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

Tour Day at the Aadheenam

Sadhaka Dandapani conducts the tour today.

He’s pointing out the blue jade vine which is in flower.

Our lotus pond is blooming after a winter in hibernation.

We had about 30 people in each of the two tours.

Silpi’s demonstration.

Guests give it a try.

Silpi Outing

Over the retreat there was a silpi outing to the beach.

Silpi helper Kumar will be finishing is “tour of duty” having served well for about 5 years.

A refreshing swim for our dedicated team.

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