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Bodhinatha’s Travels, Urbana

Bodhinatha short reports:

Morning short tour of university and visit to temple land, 40 acres
Afternoon one hour radio interview “keeping the faith” University station
Evening temple event at hotel my talk about half an hour well received

Here at the University of Illinois radio and TV station affiliated to National Public Radio and Public Broadcasting system, Mr. Shoemacher interviewed Bodhinatha for a one-hour weekly Sunday radio program called “Keeping the Faith.” They discussed a range of questions about Hinduism.

In the evening the Hindu Temple Society of South Central Illinois (HTSSCI) met at the Park Inn to formally launch fundraising for construction of the Ganesha-Saraswati-Durga temple. Dr. Narayana Rao, pictured, gave a Powerpoint overview of the project including the history of association with Kauai Aadheenam. Pictured here is the Ganesha murti gifted by Kauai Aadheenam, when it was still in Bangalore waiting to be shipped.

A beautiful artist’s rendering of the new temple which will have both south Indian and north Indian style towers.

Bodhinatha is garlanded by a young member of the community before giving his talk entitled “Insights into Hindu Temple Worship.” Unfortunately the photo came out a bit dark.

Bodhinatha give his talk “Insights on Hindu Temple Worship”

Listening to other presentations.

A look thru temple plans.

After the banquet dinner, many families and individuals came up for Bodhinatha’s darshan and to ask questions. During his talk, Bodhinatha announced that he was skipping the last part due to lack of time, so afterwards the man in the middle of this photo came up to ask Bodhinatha what the last part was about! It was about how parents need to be prepared for their children to ask tough questions when they reach the teenage years.
The man on the right is from Malaysia originally, the son of a longtime devotee from Taiping, Malaysia whose home Bodhinatha visited years ago. He is a practitioner of family medicine and very eager to see the US use more wholistic approaches.

Departing for Toronto.

Below, a slide show from the California retreat.

You may need to update your version of the Flash Player to view this movie.

Guests and Pilgrims At the Aadheenam Today

Prof. Vijay Gupta and his wife, Indira are here visiting from Boulder, CO.
Dr. Gupta is a Professor of Hydrology and is also a trustee for the Vedathri Maharishi Kundalini Yoga and Kaya Kalpa Research Foundation in Aliyar, Tamil Nadu, S. India.

Dr. Gupta stated that he was very impressed with the quality, fairness, accuracy and pure spiritual content of the Aadheenam’s magazine “Hinduism Today” and, during his stay, he was fortunate enough to have a meeting with Paramacharya Palaniswami, Editor in Chief of “Hinduism Today.”

Sabapathipillai with his wife Satyaradah and cousin Seetha Devi Subramaniam pose with Iraivan’s silpis, Pandi, Manikandan, and Chelliah. Both Sabapathipillai and Satyaradah are originally from Sri Lanka, and Seetha Devi is from Malaysia, they now all reside in Toronto, Canada.

Outside the Kadavul Siva Temple in front of the beautiful Ganesha shrine.

K. S. Krishnamurthy arrived a little later with his wife and daughter. They have been to Kauai on previous occasions and love this sacred place. He is a longtime subscriber to Hinduism Today and is also a steady donor of the Iraivan Temple building project.

The weather is becoming increasing warm now as the Hawaiian summer approaches and Prof. Vijay Gupta and his wife Indira pause for a shady rest in the Banyan Mandapam area before returning to their hotel.

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