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Bodhinatha in Toronto

Here is Bodhinatha after a big homa at the Sri Nagapooshani Temple in Toronto, blessing the devotees

It is May 31 and the main event is a Siva homa at the Sri Nagapooshani Temple. Sri Kandasamy Kurukkal, owner of the temple, set up this homa particularly to help raise funds for Iraivan Temple.

In this photo some students are preparing to chant the famous Sri Rudram.

A priest goes through the preparatory stage before lighting the homa fire

The homa fire is going strong

At the end of the homa, a Sivalingam is bathed with milk

Devotees make offerings in the homa fire and then touch Bodhinatha’s feet

Sri Kandasamy Kurukkal

Taking Bodhinatha’s blessings

Continuing the milk abhishekam

After the homa was over, Bodhinatha moved to the back of the hall so devotees could come up to receive vibhuti holy ash blessing on their forehead

Bodhinatha honors prime members of the temple by placing a shawl around them

In the evening, Bodhinatha gave a slideshow presentation to the community about Hindus needing to observe the principle of unity in diversity

What Happened Today at the Monastery?

Yesterday, four container carrying Iraivan stones arrived in Honolulu port. Our US Customs and Border Patrol decided to do a “Intensified Inspection” on these containers. Which means the container need to be unloaded in “bonded” warehouse. Two monks arrrived at Pier 42 to assist with unloading at this site and also the reloading process. There are so many delicate stones that need to be handle properly. One wrong move with a forklift could damage these highly carved stones.

The officer (didn’t want his photo to be taken) wanted two out of four containers to be unloaded. The local trucking company–Island Movers’ staff did the unloading. Here Sadhaka Adinatha removing the board nailed to crate so that crates can be unloaded.

Forklift operator begin to unload the crates

Unloaded crates are arranged in proper order so that we can put them back in the containers as they were.

This is crate of flooring stone

This crate is too heavy!! This operation was performed by trained operator. Do not attempt to do this in your warehouse.

A piece of wood was found by the inspector with a lot of bug holes. Fortunately it was sterile and no bugs were found!

Fumigation stamp. Each crate are required to carry a stamp to proof that it was fumigated. We were told by the Island Movers’ staff several containers are sent back to country of origin when they arrive without this stamp. We say, “Thank you” to our team at the Bangalore worksite for making sure that each crate was stamped.

The inspection was complete. The inspector moves to another shipment.

A special long forks are used to remove some of the crates that tucked far inside the container.

We secured the crates as the Island Mowers’ staff reloaded the crates.

Several special stones arrived in the shipment. One of them is the Jalokam. We have been waiting for this stone for almost two years. The arrival of this stone will allow us to complete the entire perimeter jointing work of Iraivan roof.

Another speical stone is the “cobra head” stone that goes in front of the Raja Gopuram–Iraivan temples front entrance tower.

Satisfied with the inspection of the two containers. The officer released all four containers. These containers are scheduled to arrive in Kauai in the next few days. Our local trucking company Kauai Commercial already has several trucks and drivers reserved to haul the containers to Iraivan temple site.

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