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What Happened Today at the Monastery?

Sun Three today. It was Ardra puja day.

After the powerful abhishekam to Lord Nataraja that must be experienced in person… the curtains are closed and the devotees sing some bhajans.

Sivanadiyar Rajan, one of our three new pre-monastics has a great spirit of bhakti and has learned to sing many songs and Natchintanai during his stay here.

Kadavaul temple, scintillating with actinic energies…

Gurudeva presides in the background.

Renovation, Renovation!

The very skilled and amazingly all-round “power” artisan for construction, renovation, painter, carpenter, interior redesign installation, John Andersen is here today. You name it he can do it and to super high standards. If you work with him you better be sharp and ready to get the job done and do it right!

John his helping with a small adjustment into the Java Cafe area. He lives nearby and let’s the monks work along side him and gives them a lot of good training.

Our poor refrigerator needed more fresh air to function properly; so we are opening up the space and giving room for air to flow all around. It’s all a part of an on-going and massive effort on the part of the Aadheenam to reduce energy usage. And thanks to many changes we have reduced the electrical usage of our entire enterprise here by 15% over last year this time. And we are just getting started.

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