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What Happened Today at the Monastery?

Below is a marvelous timelapse movie of the roof beams being placed yesterday


Now a quick tour of the monastery.

At the temple site, carvers are working on a series of ceiling stones.

These have a lotus carved in them, and will be installed in about three months.

On the way back we sight some plants.

One is the rare and elegant White Torch Ginger, just blossoming today.

It is such a pure creature of almost unequaled refinement.

The Queen Shower, AKA Kondrai in Tamil, sacred to Lord Siva, is in full glory today.

This one is a little lighter than the common Cassia fistula, having more white overtones.

And just below it we spy the newest addition to the Arid Garden. Four Golden Barrel Cacti.

The big one is about 12 years old.

The man who shipped these to us also sold a whopping 2,008 of them to the Chinese for the Summer Olympics.

Seems they are regarded as auspicious, and the Chinese planted them to give good luck to their athletes at the Olympics.

The spines are said to gather all the good vibrations from the ether, and the sharp points give protection against negative asuras and energies. AUM NAMA SIVAYA!

Our Spiritual Park and Monastery on the Island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean

Rainy day…. the Spiritual Park is being watered these days with torrential rains. It is winter on this side of the planet. The Ganesha June Homa was another monthly inspiring religious event…..

Devotees, despite the chilly winter morning are already early seated in the Mandapam before the ceremony starts.

A big crowd outside too…

Kulamata Premila Manick and other ladies helping with the offerings brought by devotees…

Homa starts…..

Written prayers dipped in ghee are sent into the sacred fire.

Kulapati Mardemootoo giving the usual talk on our Guru’s teachings.

Devotees are listening atentively beyond the Ganesha bridge.

In the meantime helpers are conducting archanas at the small Pancha Mukha Ganapati shrine.

Down this shrine devotees are offering lighted lamps to Lord Ganapati!

Yudananda Munian and the helpers team are the last ones to leave this shrine, doing the cleaning up after the homa is over…..

View of te crowd …..

Leading the last bajan before the arati….

The Homa is over and arati is about to be performed to Lord Ganapati.

The quietness of the Park is back after the ceremony and when everyone departs.

Some last buyers at the Mini Mela….

Kulapati SK Morghen and young Caramben counting donations from the Hundi…

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