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Bodhinatha Is Traveling

Bodhinatha left for Baltimore yesterday. A temple there is installing a Murugan Deity and ask for him to be present for the event. He is traveling with Sadhaka Nilakantha. We don’t have any news yet. Meanwhile we have some interesting pictures and videos today. In this photo, Bodhinatha is presiding at the homa which was done in the lodge at the recent Himalayan Academy retreat center. One of the participants film the event and we have posted it to YouTube below.


Gurudeva Manifest On the Telegu Movie Scene

Yesterday the monastery received an urgent call from India, informing us that, without permission, a film company has used Gurudeva in a Telegu language movie and put a large ad, shown here, in the local newspaper. Jiva said devotees of Gurudeva want to sue the film makers, but we urged restraint, and asked them first to find out just how Gurudeva got into the movie. It could be rather harmless. If someone can translate this poster, please send the English version to Palaniswami here: [email protected]

Iraivan Temple Construction Progress

This is a view of the ceiling of Iraivan Temple. Notice there are seven stones making up the square, and that there is a lotus carved in the middle. There are 23 of these 10-foot-square panels in Iraivan.


A week ago, 68 roofing stones were lifted to the roof area.

They were placed on the supporting beams, all lined up.

The silpis then began the assembly of the stones. One team stands above, using the steel bars to move the stones into place.

A second team is below, seated on a giant platform that gives them easy access to the roof above their heads.

One by one the beams are fitted.

It takes 4-5 times to get a tight fit. The top team places them together, and any gaps are marked.

Then they are pulled apart and the bottom team makes the needed adjustments, chipping away at the surface.

Here we see two carvers reaching up rom below to chip away the bumps that are preventing a tight fit.

It’s awkward work, and tiring as the body is required to work in strange postures for days at a time.

Here we see the ends of two roof stones.

They do not need to be finished here, as this part will be embedded fully in concrete later.

Notice the fit at the bottom, and how the two stones only touch at that edge and have plenty of space between them above. This is the secret of the fitting skill, to only work on that tiny place where the two rocks come together.

Our Spiritual Park and Monastery on the Island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean

Master Course students in Mauritius met at the Spiritual Park this month for their monthly study sessions.

Among the activities of the day was aTalk from Satguru Bodhinatha on Confusions in Hinduism. Here is an extract of the Talk which is related to Bodhinatha’s visit to Canada…

Another session was a keynote presentation on Hinduism Mystical Sciences.

One such presentation was an introduction on the science of Ayurveda..

Later the MC students were out for a guided meditation…

Being in nature….

Roshan and Vandana…

Everyone is going deep inside…

A newly enrolled student.

Students inside the Dharmasala building for classes. Plans are to readjust this spot to provide more space for classes due to increasing number of students now attending these monthly sessions.

Another event this month was the Namakarana samskara of the child of our arulsishya couple Adisankara at St. Pierre. His relatives and Church members were present at the ceremony…

Adisankara and his family…

Writing the name of the baby girl on a tray of unbroken rice is an important part of the ceremony…

Kulapati Mardemootoo giving a talk…

Here she is …. Hi!

A happy couple…

The priest chanting the final mantras…

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