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Bodhinatha in Transit

As we write, Bodhinatha and Sadhaka Nilakantha are flying over the Pacific, and will arrive later this evening on Kauai. Sadhaka sends us a few iPhone shots from the arrival at the Baltimore temple yesterday. And Bodhinatha has some interesting observations.

June 22nd, Sunday

Om Sivaya, everyone,

Jai Ganapati.

This morning was the installation of the Murugan Deity in a side shrine at the Hindu Temple of Greater Baltimore. About 250 devotees present, four priests doing the ceremony. Group very attentive to my talk on Insights into Hindu Temple Worship. At the temple for about seven hours.

One of the priests is Ganesha Gurukkal helping out for the four days of ceremonies. He is now at Siva Vishnu Temple in Wash DC. Previously at Rose Hill Temple in Mauritius. He reminded me of my last visit to the Rose Hill temple and that he served us dinner in his home. Hinduism is certainly developing a global priesthood!

Om Namasivaya,

Adiyan Turns Two and Is Blessed

Members of the Sendan family pose in front of Lord Ganesha’s shrine outside the Kadavul Siva Temple following the puja.

On the left are Aran and Valli Sendan. Center is Shaila, Vasuki Sendan’s daughter. On the right is Mira Sendan with her two sons, Chidambaram, and little Adiyan who received a special archana in celebration of his second birthday.

Adiyan and Mira, mother and son, in front of Lord Muruga. Adiyan is proudly wearing a silver pendant of Lord Muruga from Tiruchendur gifted to him by his grandmother, Valli Sendan, in honor of this special occasion.

Beautiful flowering trees and plants abound throughout the Aadheenam gardens this time of the year!

On the left is Rekha Sharma and Rajesh Narayan (originally from Delhi) now living in Texas and Honolulu.

On the right is Indupuru Kota Reddy and his wife Indira Reddy (originally from Andhra Pradesh) now residing in San Jose, Calif. Indupuru Reddy originally met Gurudeva in 1980 at the opening of the Houston Temple.

Touching the feet of the Lord.

New Artist At Work In India

When Palaniswami was in India, he met with the family that heads one of India’s more successful web businesses, Exotic India. He arranged for them to provide the art produced by Himalayan Academy over the years to their clients, thus spreading the visual dharma around the world.

Yesterday, they sent the first pieces. What you are looking at here, the photo with a caption, is the original art painted by Manivelu. Above is a copy.

Here is the copy of a Siva-Sakti.

And here is the original.

This painting of Dakshinamurthi, like the two above, was painstakenly replicated by an artist in India. Amazing how closely they can duplicate a work of art. These are painted on cotton in watercolors.

Virtually any art in the Himalayan Academy collection can be ordered from

The Lotus

The lotus is sacred in Hinduism, in part as a symbol of man’s spiritual growth. In the Vedas it is written:

The Self resides within the lotus of the heart. Knowing this, consecrated to the Self, the sage enters daily that holy sanctuary. Absorbed in the Self, the sage is freed from identity with the body and lives in blissful consciousness. Sama Veda, Chandogya Upanishad 8.33-4

This 1000-petaled lotus is blooming at the monastery for the first time, an amazing creation covered by eager bees in the early hours of the day.

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