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What Happened Today at the Monastery?

The Pillaiyar Kulam reported on their work today. Shanmuganathaswami told us about major upgrades to our main in house database software called 4D which has completely revamped their database into an SQL based structure and they have also upgraded their server. So he’s been deep into the upgrade which affects all our information management from Panchangam calculations to Hinduism Today subscribers, Himalayan Academy student body and more.

He is also actively involved Hindu Heritage Endowment. Some new endowments are in the works and we will tell you about them when they are finalized, but this always takes time on his part to set up new funds in HHE.

Muruganathswami is the backbone of the publications transactions area, keeping all the sales and distribution moving along, it’s a big job.

Sadhaka Jothinatha is working hard on Hinduism Today ad sales. With the economy down, people are less enthusiastic about spending money and Hinduism Today is feeling the crunch. So we will need to work harder on promotion, which is his forte.

Yogi Jivanandanatha has been focused on meeting the latest PCI “Payment Card Industry” compliance standards, programming out systems to make sure that everyone’s credit card numbers are safe and secure and meet the latest stringent banking standards.

Pilgrims and Visitors

Yesterday’s guests… it was very peaceful day which brought four families on pilgrimage to the Aadheenam. After a beautiful puja in the Kadavul Siva Temple, everyone enjoyed a walking tour through the gardens to the Iraivan Temple.

Left to right – Brad, Hema and Paras Werner from Arizona; Dr. Savita and Mahesh Luthra and Navender and Suvira Virmani from San Jose, CA. Also Shirish and Neeta Dayal, and children and Ajit and Punita Patel with their children, all from Southern California. Three families have visited on previous occasions dating back to 1991.

Nature’s Marvelous Giant Mushrooms.

Recently we watched an amazing educational television show on “fungi.” Did you know that mushrooms and related species are one of planet earth’s most important species? They are also full of magical nutritional and sometimes, as we know, fatal properties. Some nutrients bring longevity. Others bring an immediate end to all your prarabdha karma. Not a good idea!

At any rate, we have been trying to grow the beneficial varieties and perhaps the nature devas heard us and decided to show off, because these giant mushrooms were recently found on the property hiding away. We don’t know if they are edible or not and we won’t be doing any live testing!

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