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What Happened Today at the Monastery?

Sun One starts a new phase. Here is Bodhinatha arriving home yesterday afternoon after his long trip from California, to Chicago and Urbana, Illinois and then on to Toronto.

Saravanathaswami send more photos of the Toronto temple events.

Bodhinatha at Sri Nagapooshani Temple, Toronto

Continuing with events in Toronto, we started Sunday morning by attending a Mahamrtyunjaya mantra chanting session at the Sri Nagapooshani cultural hall.

Sri Bharani Sivacharya first invoked Lord Ganesha, then Varuna, then Siva in the kumbha. After the initial puja everyone chanted the Mahamrtyunjaya mantra 108 times together.

At the end participants came up for vibhuti darshan

A senior priest gives fruit prasadam to devotees

Then we were off to the Varasithi Vinayagar Temple where Bodhinatha was to present around 200 copies of our book “What is Hinduism” to young children studying at the temple’s Hindu school. The chief priest is in the middle left of photo.

The lively children squirm about as they wait for Bodhinatha to say a few words of wisdom and present the books. The books were donated by the Siva Markandu family to assist the children in learning Hinduism.

On stage they erected big pictures of Satguru Yogaswami and Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami

In the afternoon we made a short stop at the Vishnu Mandir to see the progress of their Hinduism/India museum which hosts many school classes. Here is a section about Jainism.

A “Wall of Peace” in the museum where luminous promoters of peace are honored

An ancient Tanjore-style painting which uses gemstones and gold foil

Dr. Budhendra Doobay, originally from Guyana, heads the Vishnu Mandir. In this discussion he was curious to know more about how we acquire new monks. He would also like to start some kind of monastic program someday at the Vishnu Mandir.

The final stop of the day was to attend Satguru Yogaswami’s Jayanti gathering at the cultural hall of the Richmond Hill temple. First things first though–helping to ceremoniously plant a tree outside the temple.

We think it is a type of maple tree.

Shovelfuls of dirt placed

As part of the Yogaswami event, youth sang many Natchintanai songs in a lively manner

Bodhinatha spoke about distinguishing Saivism from the other three main sects of Hinduism

Saiva Siddhanta Church Wailua Mission

Wailua Mission held their monthly “Rudraksha Satsang” this past Sunday. Our guest, Andre, from Brazil, filling racks prior to the power washing process for the rudraksha beads.

Deva Seyon filling a rack which holds approximately 230 rudraksha beads.

Rajadeva Alahan has been a primary force over the years in keeping the rudraksha bead project on track.

Aran Sendan joins in to help fill racks.

There are five heavy duty racks designed by the mathavasis. After the initial harvesting in the forest, almost every month 1155 beads are processed by the Wailua Mission members.

Wailua Mission ladies string various styles of malas, add jewelry, prepare sets of seeds in boxes

A view of baskets holding materials used for making the rudraksha items. The sale of the finished malas is a significant source of income for Iraivan Temple.

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