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What Happened Today at the Monastery?

Sun Two today, Ardra Abhishekam for Siva Nataraja.

Here is Bodhinatha at yesterday’s homa, reading from the Master Course and giving a spontaneous talk on The Clear White Light.

Time lapse of our homa pujari waving incense.

then arati.

It was tour day today… Our guests got a bit of a shower during their walk to Iraivan.

California Saivite Retreat

The Third Annual Memorial Day Saivite Retreat was held in Corona, California this past Memorial Day weekend. Twenty-seven participants of all ages attended this year’s Retreat which was conducted by Rishi Thondunathan. Events included classes for children, philosophical discussions for adults, Hatha Yoga, group meditation and field trips.

This year children were introduced to the lessons from Gurudeva’s “Mystic Mouse” book. They seemed to appreciate the simple yet profound teachings, and they enjoyed coloring the pages from the Mystic Mouse book, too.

Hatha Yoga class ends in the lotus position and the children are deep in meditation.

For the field trip, the group visited the Vedic Temple of Montclair which was founded by Swami Nithyananda. Satguru Bodhinatha was there for the opening of the temple last year.

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