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What Happened Today at the Monastery?

A lot of activity occurring here at the Aadheenam, but this little bear in Australia would probably be able to sleep here very easily.

At today’s lunch report the Pillaiyar Kulam described some new iPhone applications they developed for directly accessing important information in our database right from their iPhones.

Meanwhile at the Iraivan site, the next containers from Bangalore have started to arrive today. Pictures will be coming in the days ahead.

Iraivan Temple Construction Progress – Roof Work

We visit Iraivan temple today from a new perspective.

Work is being done at the roof level, so you can now stand on the roof next to the vimanam tower.

Nearby the 12-foot grid of pillars and beams is evolving.

In the weeks ahead the giant roofing slabs will be placed.

They span these large squares.

From the roof you see Dakshinamurthi under the banyan tree and the Lotus Pond to the right behind the palms.

Here we look past the flag to the monastery in the background.

Last month this side of the roofline was completed.

It includes the crocodiles through which the rain water will be guided off the roof.

Water will flow from the open mouth and into giant granite pots.

There are six of the crocs. Quite imposing up close! AUM NAMA SIVAYA!

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