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What Happened Today at the Monastery?

A peaceful day in Hawaii. The big news is the arrival of more stones and on-going work on Iraivan’s roof.

Meanwhile, the Siddhidata Kulam has planted a lot of gladiolas and they have all blossomed recently.

Iraivan Temple Construction Progress

The containers are opened will be allowed to air out for a while before being unloaded.

Our photographer makes the climb up the ladder to the roof. With scaffolding removed we have great view of things.

Rainwater that collects on the room will be channeled out through the mouths of these crocodiles.

We’ve been through a dry spell and Kauai’s red clay earth dust brings an interesting hue to the Jalakom carvings.

Red floor stones ready to be unpacked.

Silpis a work. Just think of it…. every square millimeter of this temple was and is being carved by hand!

The first container is now nearly unloaded.

Our silpis love the American “branded” T-shirts for work.

A small papaya offering…

After a long dormant spell our lotus pond has started blooming again.

The classic metaphor for living in the world, but not being “of” the world, like water on a lotus leaf.

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