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What Happened Today at the Monastery?

It is the last day of the phase and the Ganapati Kulam gave their report at lunch. While they are doing many, many projects the big innovation of the day in our media world is a major shift into video production. Here we are in the Guru Peedam for a session this morning with Bodhinatha. Lights, teleprompter, “Action!”….

As the publications team dives deeper and deeper into film-making as a way to convey the profound teachings of Saiva Siddhanta, we see movie software on the screen more often. Today Palaniswami is making a short film that explores the ancient art of drilling a hole through a granite block, by hand!

In the Guru Peedam this morning, Bodhinatha inaugurated another movie first.

It is a teleprompter which allows him to prepare his talks, port them to the computer and have them displayed in large, legible type on a moving screen. Here Satyanatha controls the scrolling speed and Senthilnathaswami mans the video camera and lights.

Using these tools, Bodhinatha can make highly professional movies for his seminars, for YouTube, for conferences and other needs.

The words appearing on the Mac are duplicated on the Teleprompter screen.

The camera looks right through the screen to record. That way, Bodhinatha is looking right into the eyes of the viewers and making a more direct visual connection than can otherwise be achieved.

A marvelous upgrade for us. And Bodhinatha had a lot of fun being so professional.

Sadhaka Dandapani visits the Ganapati Kulam, working on a special slide show gallery for the 2008 Asian Odyssey.

Paramacharya Palaniswami has been honing his video production skills. One of the new productions is a quarterly video summarizing the content of the latest issue of Hinduism Today. Watch it in the YouTube video below.


Iraivan Temple Construction Progress

Another stone lift today.. .the kodungai-sun shade stones for the east side of the temple went up.

Nature’s Summer Bounty

The gardens are in full bloom now. These anthuriums always get visitors’ attention. They last for many months.

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