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What Happened Today at the Monastery?

We begin a new six-day phase today.

Saravanathaswami performs the homa.

In his talk this morning, Bodhinatha explained how he would respond when someone says they have lapsed in their sadhana. He said he always encouraged them to associate with those who are doing their sadhana, because they would be a positive influence on him. He said it was always best to do sadhana first thing in the morning. On a second topic, he explain that people should not try to get rid of their desires, but to transmute their desires into something hire. Desire, he said, follows the chakra which is most active. If we are in a low chakra, we might want to express revenge; but in a higher chakra we would want to express a divine love. It all depends on what chakra we were in.

The yantra that is in front of the Maha Spatika Lingam. This will one day be in the Iraivan temple.

Today Sun One report was from the Lambodara Kulam. Ceyonswami has been continuing coordinations with Selvanathan Sthapati in India on the final stages of the Auvudiyar (base) for the Maha Spatika lingam; Sadhaka Haranandinatha continues to log and keep track of all the incoming donations for Iraivan. He is also getting the list together for the next Iraivan day which will on this coming 3-day full moon retreat. Brahmachari Tandavan attends to his cooking duties and then helps Haranandinatha on data entry for guests. Brahmachari Nandi is also in the kitchen much of the time is researching new, non-aluminum baking pans and learning how to do bulk food orders. The two of them, are turning out some really great meals!

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