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What Happened Today at the Monastery?

It is Sun Three today. The Siddhidata Kulam reported on their work. A major initiative is the drawing and upgrade of all the structures on the Aadheenam to comply with the county building permit process. After the last hurricane we built and installed a number of structures and containers. To move forward with new construction we need to get all the existing structures stamped. It’s a long process and the county officials are very supportive. Yoginathaswami is himself making drawings. Other tasks include anchoring some structures to make them more hurricane proof. We should complete the work by the end of the year. Its all part of getting ready for our next stage of growth here.

Meanwhile we are taking a little step into history today.

First a link to Bodhinatha interview with a radio station on his recent trip to Illinois.

Second, a retrospective from Malaysia, showing some of the activities behind the scenes where our team of devotees and sevaks worked to prepare the major public event in Kuala Lumpur on the way through during last innersearch.

Third, a link to a PicLens slide show from the 2006, Australia innersearch.

Sishya at Work In Malaysia

A late posting of some photos from early this year… Our events in Kuala Lumpur are a major mission activity there and our sishya, students and sevaks are responsible for putting these events together. They do a really fantastic job. Here is a retrospective on the big night in KL on the last Innersearch. One facet of the event is that the members there are conducting a fund raising drive to cover the expense of the floor stones of the Iraivan temple.

“Sales (of Himalayan Academy items) began briskly early in the evening.”

Malaysian Hindu Sangam President, Dr Vaithilingam (guest of honor) being welcomed.

Kulapathi Guhan, all smiles while waiting the arrival of VIPs, Swamis’ and Satguru.

Participants informations being stored via a special interface software.

Filling up registration note/form.

VIP, Mr Athimulam being welcomed.

Another prominent VIP, Mother Mangalam grace our event.

Our Kulapathis waiting for VIPs.

Dr Maruthu explaining to an earger participant on how to pledge/sponsor Iraivan’s floor tiles.

Satguru mingles with organising team members before ushered to main hall.

Dr. Maruthu explaining Iraivan’s floor plan and how to contribute to an eager participant.

Satguru having a keen look on displayed items at Iraivan floor sponsor drive corner.

HH Satguru Bodhinatha arrives and then gave a wonderful presentation and blessed everyone till stroke of midnight.

Participants flocked at sales booth.

Parampara posters and photo frames for sales.

Sister Gowri and Selvavathy are always there to have their sales items on display.

Satguru made a quick tour of all the display corners before ushered to main hall.

Iraivan floor donor corner support members.

Kulamatha Agila brought pots of plants (rudraksha) for sales as part of donation drive.

Dr. Maruthu and Kulamatha Agila at Iraivan temple floor sponsor section.

Dr. Maruthu and Kulamatha Agila.

Mother Mangalam in conversation with Dr. Maruthu.

Shanmuganathaswami arrives together with rest of monastics.

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