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What Happened Today at the Monastery?

Sun One begins a short 4-day phase. Bodhinatha gave a talk this morning on how awareness, will power and the life force are one and the same. One should develop will power by finishing each task undertaken and by doing it well. He explained how will power was unusual in that the more you used of it, the more you had.

Senthilnathaswami performs the homa today.

Yogaswami serenely overlooks the guru peedam where the monk’s morning meditation takes place.

Outside the peetham, Saint Tiruvalluvar writes the Tirukural and Saint Tirumular sits in meditation.

Today’s Pilgrims and Visitors

A truly beautiful day brought many Hindu pilgrims for the morning puja in the Kadavul Siva Temple.

On the left is Shirish Patel with his wife and son. And from the United Kingdom – Harish, Sushil, and Rahar Gupta with their families. Also Braham R. Aggarwal who is a Professor from the University of Orlando accompanied by Avanish M. Aggarwal and Vishaal Gupta with their families – all from Orlando, Florida.

Following a tour of the Iraivan Temple, Professor Braham Aggarwal met with Arumugamswami in the Offices of Hinduism Today and Himalayan Academy (affectionately known as the “Press Shop”) accompanied by Avanish Aggarwal and Harish, Sushil, Vishal, and Rahar Gupta. –
Prof. Braham Aggarwal is on the right of Arumugamswami. Braham is the chairman of the Hindu University of America. Vishal is part of the Hindu Student Council in Florida. They discussed the need for education of Hindus in the United States, the presentation of Hinduism in American schoolbooks and how best to fund Hindu academic studies that useful to the religion.

Saiva Siddhanta Church Wailua Mission

Here are a few photos from our Wailua Mission gathering to continue work on the rudraksha project

Following Sun 1 homa our, members gathered filled with Siva’s blessings and Satguru darshan to pool their creative energies.

Here is Uma Sivanathan helping with keychains, bracelets and earrings.

Lila Devi and Valli Sendan share mission news while they work on the ever popular rudraksha bead on a string and bracelets.

Valli Sendan is always ready to help with sweet words and a cheerful smile. Notice the beautiful tropical flowers she grows, cuts and arranges for her sons’ (Jothi Sendan) family business “Kalani Tropicals.”

Tandu Sivananthan, Aran Sendan and Rajadeva Alahan completed filling the power washing racks and enjoy a moment of peace after a very busy morning.

The key element of rudraksha production is to use seeds which still have the fruit attached. These are then cleaned on these racks with a pressure washer. Seeds that are allowed to dry on the ground tend to crack open after a while.

Durvasa Alahan has been processing and drilling beads the past month. He has also been creating new racks for the smaller beads used in earrings and for special orders. They should be ready by next month.

Uma’s earring and bracelet designs.

A closer look at the mornings creative manifestations.

The proceeds from sale of the rudraksha items goes toward Iraivan temple.

With the Grace of God, Gods and Guru, let’s help build Iraivan Temple and visualize the Mahakumbha Abhishekam in 2012!

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