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What Happened Today at the Monastery?

Sun Three today… The Pillaiyar Kulam shared news on its work. Shanmuganathswami reports on his preparations for a planned giving seminar in California later this year. He’s also been deep into programming our 4D Database which has a completely new engine which has switch to SQL as the data format for storage.

Muruganathswami and Yogi Jivananandanatha have also been working on testing, de-bugging and re-writing various parts of the new data base.

Yogi Jothinatha’s has been getting his web coding skills up to speed and his recent new HTML Himalayan Academy email newsletter which has all kind of interesting things about what is going on is generating a good response. This is something new and a lot of you may not know about it. You can sign up for this an all our other digital newsletters at this universal log in page If you are already getting other newsletters, Master Course or HPI, it’s OK and you can choose the ones you are not getting.

Task forcer Trishul spends his mornings in the Ganapati Kulam, helping with various jobs and is also working on an article for Hinduism Today on Hindu Youth in America. He will be talking with youth who have basically decided to stop following their tradition and with those, like him, who have stayed with it. He’s drafting an outline and preparing interview questions. He’s in med school now.

Our father Ralph Whitten came to visit today, he’s the dad of one of our swamis and here he is visiting with Palaniswami in the Ganapati Kulam.

New Video Tools for Narration

With the help of some experts in the Los Angeles area, we got an utterly fantastic microphone… the NEUMANN BROADCAST MICROPHONE BCM 104.

It’s very unusual because you speak into it at a distance of about 1 inch away from the mic.

It drops out all the ambient noise in the room. For example even air conditioners, computer fans etc… all “disappear” and you have just the pristine sound of the narrator’s voice.

Palaniswami is working on a video that shows the silpis drilling a hole through granite. Coming to YouTube soon.

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