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Bodhinatha on Mission

As we write Bodhinatha and Shanmuganathswami are in St. Louis. Today’s photos are from yesterdays events at the Nallur Festival Day (Saturday, 9 August 2008) at the Murugan Temple of North America (Maryland).

Being greeted at the door.

A big crowd in attendance.

Lord Murugan with Devayani and Valli

Parade Deity looking magnificent.

Vetri Vel Muruganukku!

Saivite Seniors Gathering in Toronto, Canada

On Thursday, July 24th, there was a gathering held at the Mr. and Mrs. Thavaratnam’s Home in Toronto, Canada.
All those in attendance received a Natchintanai Song Booklet. The booklet was prepared by the Monastics of Kauai Aadheenam to be used for this summer’s children’s camps in Toronto. Now with the help of this new Natchintanai Song Booklet, they can teach their grandchildren Natchintanai Songs in English.

Mrs. Meena Thavaratnam and Thiru Satkunendran with Rishi Thondunathan. Meena Thavaratnam’s Natchintanai audio recordings are posted on our web site. Thiru Satkunendran performs a lot of services for our mission in Toronto. He facilitated the recordings and uploading to Kauai Aadheenam. Click here to listen to Natchintanai by Mrs. Thavaratnam

Mr. and Mrs. Thavaratnam with Rishi Thondunathan

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