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Bodhinatha Travels

Bodhinatha completed his events in Singapore (Photos coming on tomorrow’s TAKA) and then when to Johor for a temple event. He will be returning the day after tomorrow. He writes:

Om Sivaya, everyone,

Jai Ganapati.

Arrived Singapore airport about 8 PM on Friday. Greeted by group of members, students and devotees.

Saturday morning attended conference. My presentation, 90 minutes, was first and well received. Hall was filled with 400-500 people. Listened to a second presentation on Hinduism and prosperity, had lunch then we left to return to hotel to catch up on our sleep.

On Sunday in the morning we had a satsang at Dohadeva’s home with members and devotees. Afterwards back to the Singapore Centre conference. First we listened to a presentation by Swami Mitrananda of Chinamaya Mission, Chennai. Many of his points were the same as the ones we made in our presentation such as Hindu pride. Then we participated in a panel of all seven speakers answering questions from the attendees.

Then on Monday we drove from Singapore to Johor Bharu Malaysia in morning. In evening a presentation at a Siddhi Vinayaga Temple, about 400 in attendance. A number of Malaysian members promoted What is Hinduism book and Iraivan floor sponsorships, believe they did well.

Om Namasivaya,

Usually cameras disappear when the Kauai rains fall, but one visitor took this photo in the middle of a tropical downpour. This is why the monastery is always so green and lush.

Tour Day At the Aadheenam

Today was tour day! Today Siva came in many forms again. Because of Siva’s veiling grace, even though they are Siva, all guests were surprised to hear about their true identity.

The first group was small for our standards nowadays, with only around 40 people. They were unusually attentive and interested. When we came back to Kadavul, all went inside and meditated for a long time, or just stayed quiet. “Summa iru.”

This guest was intent on carving something… in the 10 minutes before the tour finishes! “I’m etching an Aum, ” he said.

His wife and kids take photos.

The guide was faced with some engaging questions. Upon explaining Siva Daksinamurti’s darshan, the silent teacher, they asked: “How does a teacher know that he is ready to teach?” Then our monk could talk about the importance of the Guru, about being an upadeshi sannyasin and the power of one’s superconscious as opposed to opinionated knowledge.

They all were so interested.

Aum Aum Aum

We continue today sharing some of the Aums being designed for the cover of Hinduism Today’s future issues. These come with full permission to use them freely. Hexagon Aum derives from a sketch we found in India during the Odyssey.

AT OM is at home on TAKA, a modern digital expression of a most ancient symbol.

Archives are now available through 2001. Light colored days have no posts. 1998-2001 coming later.

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