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What Happened Today at the Monastery?

A photo of Bodhinatha’s departure yesterday.

He and Shanmuganathaswami arrived safely in Salt Lake City Utah where they were met by Aditya Vinadhara and are having discussions with the temple leaders in the community on setting up Hindu Heritage Endowments for the temple

Our monks gathered to see them off.

The rest of today TAKA brings you news form three different countries. It is a testimony to Gurudeva’s life and work to see these activities flourishing. They were all seeded by his vision to bring Hinduism and Saiva Siddhanta forward to the next generation and into the “future of futures,” in our hearts, homes and also in the big wide world.

Saiva Siddhanta Church Kulapatis Teaching Mission

The Sri Venkateshwara Youth Camp was held just recently. Kulapati Easan Katir writes: “This is our sixth year teaching here. We had 80 campers. It began with Bodhinatha’s suggestion and continues with his blessing.”

Here are three of the camp teachers. Kulapati Easan katir (left) , Srimati Uma Krishnamurthi and Kulapati Aran Veylan who has flown down from Edmonton, Canada.

Kartikeya Katir giving first class at the Sri Venkateshwara Youth Camp. He has attended for 6 years, and this year is a counselor as well. In the class he related the story of the Hindu History Lesson at the California Department of Education, and called students to action to talk with their teachers and spread the good news.

Early morning hatha yoga…

The lecture hall. Copies of “What is Hinduism” were given to all students.

A birthday party for Shipra, head counselor.

Serving the Elderly — Prayer Meeting at the Elderly Home in Toronto, Canada

On July 22nd, there was a Special Bhajan and Prayer Meeting held at the Yee Hong Center for Geriatric care in Toronto, Canada.

Hindu residents of this Elderly Home attended the one-hour Bhajan and Prayer Meeting which was conducted by Rishi Thondunathan and the children from the Toronto Sai Illam.

The children (Thuvarakan, Yathavan, Vithusaan, Athithan, Sayesan, Chandru and Anjali) sang beautiful Bhajans which was greatly appreciated by all the residents.

Gurudeva envisioned having a full-fledged Hindu Elderly Home for the Sri Lankan Tamil community in Toronto. Bringing these residents together for this spiritual fellowship seemed like a promising first step toward manifesting one day a Saivite Tamil Elderly Home In Toronto.

Traditional Samskara in Malaysia

Sivaram and Devika Eswaran send us this wonderful series from Malaysia.

We did the Annaprasana, or first feeding for our son, Arunesh Eswaran on July 28, 2008 at 10:30 am in the Penang Nagaratthar Sivan Temple. He was 6 months old and showing every sign that he was ready to start eating solid food. The priests did an elaborate archana for Arunesh and offered “paal saadam,” a kind of sweet rice cooked with fresh milk. After the archana was complete, we sat before the diety with Arunesh on his father’s lap, and the priest gave us a bit of the rice prasadam on a betal leaf. We then each fed Arunesh a taste of the prasadam, which he seemed to really enjoy.

Arunesh’s grandmother, Thana Lakshimi Kuppusamy being the eldest in the family, feeds him first.

Next is his mother, Devika Eswaran

Then his “chinna pati” or “little grandmother” (grandmother’s younger sister) Nagaretthina Ammal Kuppusamy.

Finally, it’s his father, Sivaram Eswaran’s turn.

Now one of the priests´┐Ż

An elderly uncle whom we know, and just happened to come to temple that morning.

A swami who also happened to come to the temple that morning. We have never seen any swamis or monks coming to that temple, and were very surprised to see him making archana at the same time as we did. The swami loudly chanted the Annapoorna Mantra loudly while feeding Arunesh.

Another priest takes a turn to feed Arunesh.

Arunesh on his father’s lap with his first plate of food.

“Now, let me have some more all by myself!”

Posing on his mother’s lap.

“That was really good, I was hungry after so long with only milk.”

“Here I come!”

Getting Ready for Bodhinatha in Malaysia

After Bodhinatha gets back home from his trip to the mainland he will be here for four days and then off to Singapore and Malaysia. Devotees in Johor Bahru are getting ready. Ravichandran Ceyon writes

Prostration, Vanakkam Swami,
Our preparation activities to receive Satguru at Arulmigu Sithivinayager temple, Taman Johor Jaya, Johor Bahru on 25th August 2008 is going on smoothly and we had placed welcoming banner ( see attached pictures) at entrance of temple in Tamil and English.
We’re placing few more of these banners in major temples in JB. We are expecting a crowd between 300 – 400 people as the day also is the beginning of one month special prayers/pooja for Lord Ganesha in this temple. temple management too had printed “vilambaram” to inform devotees and public on the coming event.
Prostration, Vanakkam again Swami
Aum Sivaya,
Ravichandran Ceyon

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