Glowing in the Inner Worlds

It’s a rainy Sun Six at Kauai Aadheenam. Lord Siva’s devas have been very diligent in watering the plants these days. We can hear and feel resounding thunder from here — how grandiose nature is!

It’s winter, which means quite warm and pleasant temperatures but lots of water falling from the sky.

Something our TAKA readers have not yet seen. These are Bodhinatha’s new silver tiruvadi, the sannyasin’s sandals.

This beautiful work is made in silver, in the traditional way of a Satguru’s tiruvadi.

Their silver cast is not made to display material wealth. Yogaswami, master to us all, lived in the most humble conditions and Gurudeva set up our order to live with very little.

But know that every metal has a vibration of its own, and our sacred scriptures tell us that silver and gold can actually be seen from the inner planes and attract devas.

That is why some Deities are covered in kavachams, sacred metal clothing, like this Ganesha in Swedesboro, New Jersey. We received this photo from Kumarswami Dikshitar.

From Lemurian Scrolls, Chapter 4.56:

56 ¶We had a gold substance that came from the ground, and silver, too. This gold and silver could be seen, even in the Third World, glowing. The people in the surrounding countryside would dig it out of the mountains, find it in their rivers and streams and bring it to us. Walking through the monastery and temple, one could see large piles of gold and silver here and there, and in the Third World, each monastery and temple could be easily distinguished because of the vast quantities of gold and silver it contained. It glowed there as a marker of the destination point so that Deities and devas would know where to come.

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  1. Phillip says:

    What a fascinating explanation for the gold and silver so often used for temple objects and deities. I also notice that copper seems to be used often and must have some special spiritual properties; I wonder what these properties are? I have always felt a special attraction to copper!

    Thank you so much for teaching us these things; they add depth to our understanding and help to personalize the experience of reading the daily news.

    Aum Namah Sivaya.

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