Puhi Island School Students Visit

Yesterday we had a special tour by a group of school children.

The 8th Grade Social Studies Class from Island School in Puhi came today with three chaperons and their teacher, Eric Devlin.

Here we are at the Umbrella Ganesha on the way out to Iraivan. The students wonder why Ganesha has a broken tusk. So we took time for the story of Ganesha’s stylus breaking as he transcribed the epic Mahabharata. He didn’t stop writing, but instead broke of his tusk to finish the project.

One student requested a photo of this amazing bromeliad near the “Umbrella Ganesha”

Another group photo near Dakshinamurti.

There were 24 students, bright and happy souls that are blessed with the wonderful karma of living on Kauai.

They enjoyed trying their hand at carving granite.

This student’s uncle is working on our new Mini-Mela visitor information center.

The students explored the rudraksha trees and seeds on the ground, and learned how to count the faces.

The students explored the rudraksha trees and seeds on the ground, and learned how to count the faces.

Then we took time for questions about converting to Hinduism, the difference between Moksha and Nirvana and the other basic beliefs of Karma, Dharma, Reincarnation, Ahimsa and No Intrinsic Evil.

We returned to Kadavul Temple where the students came with prayers to burn in the Kadavul Homa. Paramcharya Ceyonswami gave the students a wonderful explanation on this magical practice. He told them about Gurudeva, the temple and it’s rarified vibration. He also gavea brief lesson on astronomy and jotish. Their teacher, Eric, shared that he has begun a meditation practice and is on the 40th day. He seemed to really enjoy the temple vibration. They didn’t want to leave, but headed back to their bus to absorb the darshan of Kadavul/Iraivan Temple complex.

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  1. Eassan says:

    A student who keeps his mind in the same state as a he was as a child or infant really enjoy living in such an environment. No matter what, His Kindness and Love rules!! Glory to The One who knows no superior!

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