Darshan with Bodhinatha

Master Course readers Karuna and Santosh Krinsky from Wisconsin enjoyed darshan with Bodhinatha and asked him pertinent questions on ahimsa and how to effectively increase it in the world, to which Bodhinatha gave wise answers. He shared this principle, for example, to appreciate progress already going on, such as Europe uniting rather than warring with each other as they had always done before. Santosh and Karuna are serious ahimsa activists bound and determined to make a genuine difference. Their writings on the subject may be seen here [www.wholisticinstitute.org] They are owners of New Leaf distribution and a half-dozen other spirituality-based businesses.

Today is the last day of our phase.
This edition of TAKA will remain posted
over our coming two-day retreat,
until Dasami Tithi, Sun One, Monday, January 19th.

Iraivan's Rajagopuram Gets Another Course of Stones

With a storm warning in effect for the day we did not know how much we could accomplish before the wind and rains came. Fortunately we were blessed to have a dry morning with just a sprinkle as yet another course of stones was lifted up to the Rajagopuram of Iraivan.

Yoginathaswami and the silpis wait aloft. What an incredible job of scaffolding the Siddhidata Kulam has done to provide a working platform.

A small stone at first.

Up and Away!


down, down, down….

That’s it. He’s in place!

Batticaloa Orphanage Celebrates Gurudeva's Jayanthi

Gurudeva’s 82nd Jayanti, January 5th, was celebrated in several places in Sri Lanka, shown here just below India. An orphanage associated with Kauai Aadheenam is on the Eastern shore of the island, where the red star is located in this satellite image.

The boys all teamed up to make this special altar for Gurudeva, with fruit and flower offerings.

This is the manager, Babu, who is offering some words of wisdom from Gurudeva’s life and teachings to begin the celebrations.

The boys are fully engaged in their spiritual and mission work in the community. Amazingly so for such a young group. Their life is centered around their religion.

Each boy gets a gift, some books that will be an important part of their studies in the months ahead.

It’s a happy day.

Siva watches over the boys, who are still in their temporary home while the new facilities we helped build after the devestating AsianTsunami decimated their home are completed.

How wonderful, to grow up at the feet of a Satguru.

Babu writes today:

Dear Satguru and Swamis! Vanakkam!

Today we celebrated Gurudeva’s Jayanthi day at the Gurukulam. Several activities took place as shown in the photos.

We are walking in the light of Gurudeva
Let us live each moment in the awareness of Gurudeva’s light.
Let us meditate on the theme “The New Year lies ahead.” We pray for a year of divinity. We are devotees of ¬†Gurudeva who is the radiant centre of divinity and our life should be a constant expression a dynamic manifestation of divinity in thought, word and action.

Let us all live as the children of our dear Gurudeva,

Thanking you and all at Kauai’s Hindu Monastery,


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