Wailua Mission Seva and Satsang

After the Raja Gopuram stone lift at Iraivan Temple this morning, we gathered at the home of Kulapati Deva and Kulamata Amala Seyon’s beautiful home to work on the Wailua Mission fund raiser, the rudraksha project.

We begin with a lovely puja to Lord Ganesha in the garden.

Bramacharini Lila Devi holding up some of the malas that were made

Outside Tandu Sivanathan, his granddaughter, Lela and Deva Seyon work on putting beads on the racks so they can be power washed.

Our karma yoga project is followed by a healthful organic South Indian feast. Here Uma Sivanathan prepares a salad grown in her garden.

Deva and Amala’s devonic yard and garden.

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