Walking San Marga

Kulamata Isani and Brahmacharini Lilashaki Devi go for a mini-yatra on San Marga. Isani is trying her hand with a new camera.

Here we are at the entrance road, with what tour guides will tell visitors are the famous native Hawaiian Guinea Jungle Fowl (otherwise known as wild chickens)

Paying homage to Lord Ganesha

Muruga Hill

Vel Muruga, Vel Muruga, Vel Murga, Vetri Vel Muruga

Coming down from Muruga Hill we proceed towards the Third World section.

This stream, part of the canal system flowing through the San Marga and Aadheenam lands. It comes from a nearby reservoir and flows into the Wailua River.

Moss Lava rocks eventually to be placed around the base of Iraivan

A sacred Konrai, sacred to Siva, in bloom

Arriving at the outdoor sanctum where Gurudeva had his visions, we are met by Lord Ganesha.

Maha Ganapati, Jai!

Svayambhu Lingam

Om, Om Muruga

Linga in the morning sun before puja

In the still bliss of the darshan after puja

Iraivan roof work

Young Crocodiles ready to drain the water off the roof for 1000 years.

Carvings of perfection on the back of the inner sanctum

This reminds of the fairy lands or where hobits might dwell.

We always feel so refreshed after our visit to San Marga.
Thank you Gurudeva, Bodhinatha and all the Matavasis for making a vision manifest.

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  1. Nalini says:

    Yes! Thank you for this sacred space on the web too.
    It’s always so nice to go on TAKA everday!
    Om Sivaya!

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