Publication Building Gets New Floor

The Ganapati Kulam just completed all its Hinduism Today work for the April issue of Hinduism’s foremost English-language magazine. Files were sent to the printer yesterday and officially proofed in digital form and signed off to go to press in Missouri.

That makes our team of editors and journalists and web-techies free to complete the project they have been working on for the past three weeks: installing a new floor in the publications building.

After a giant storm which caused the recent flooding of the building, the carpet began to grow strange and unusual creatures and was condemned. We ripped it out, scraped off the old glue, leveled the concrete and are now installing a new flooring, called “Hawaiian Bamboo.”

It is a lot of work! Once the floor is prepared, Tyvek sheeting is placed on the floor as a moisture barrier followed by a thin green layer of soft foam. Here we are this morning as the middle section is being worked on.

The conference room we refer to as the Cedar Room since the entire roof is made of cedar wood has been completed and is being used to hold everything that normally inhabits the space now being re-floored.

The front section of the kulam where we do all our video processing was also completed. It too is piled high….

By noon we had one quarter of the middle bay completed and it was finished by sunset. The other areas are walled off with plastic to prevent concrete dust from getting into the equipment. We hope to be finished sometime next phase. It is a major upgrade, and so much cleaner than a carpet.

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