Monks Chanting to Lord Nataraja

The Ganapati Kulam has nearly completed their re-flooring renovations and this lovely image of Nataraja was dusted off and moved back into place, greeting visitors on arrival at the publications offices.

And, speaking of Lord Nataraja. We have posted two sound files from the Tiruvembavai Festival held here at the Aadheenam. If you would like to listen to the monks chanting in the chamber of the Dancing Lord, download these two MP3 files… The first one is 39 MB… If you want to save them to your computer first, right click on these links:

Tiruvembai Puja, Part I
Tiruvembai Puja, Part II

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  1. Padmaja says:

    Aum Shivaya. Please consider posting sound bites of monks chanting Shri Rudram if possible. Thank you.

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