Br. Shama and her selfless service

We are blessed to have a vigilant Sivathondar, Shama Kumaran. She is retired from the working world and daily offers her depth of understanding of Gurudeva's teachings to our guests arriving from all parts of the globe.

The beautiful turquoise "Andara Crystal" set in the flower bowl at the entrance to Kadaval temple.

The love birds are sweet pets carefully attended to by Bramacharini Shama Kumaran.

Shama working in the Mini-Mela book and gift shop. Through her expertise on the content of all of Gurudeva's writings and other mystical knowlege, Shama guides guests by answering their sometimes deep philosophical questions.

Here is Shama taking care of her dear charges, the seven love birds.

A guest originally from Latvia, asks questions about karma, reincarnation, the Kailasa Paramparai, vegetarianism and the differences between Buddhism and Hinduism. She seemed enthralled with Shama's in depth answers.

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  1. Doreen Holmes says:

    Hello my dear sister Shama, this the first time that I have seen a photo of you for many years, I can see the family looks in you. Its lovely to see what you look like now, you look so well and of course I can see that you love your beautiful birds, were all animal lovers in our family. I know that this article was filmed in 2009, so I hope that your still doing what you love to do, and that your able to read this. I keep in touch with our brother and his family. I’ve got another great grand child a little boy as well as a little girl. They are all heading off to the UK to see their dads relatives in Kent tomorrow, they are going to 10 days, hope the weather is kind for them. Lots of love and light, Doreen. Tasmania, Australia.

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