Mahasivaratri Night

Maha Sivaratri was observed at the end of last phase. It was a profound and amazing holy night. It always feels like a fresh new start to inner life, as we immerse ourselves in the presence of God Siva. Here Bodhinatha is taking the Kumbha that was blessed during the Maha Sivaratri homa for pradakshina around Nandi.

The holy night began about 7 PM with devotees gathering for bhajan.

The temple was beautifully decorated with lamps everywhere.

Singing to the Gods…

It was a particularly auspicious day for four of our young monks to receive their Samaya Diksha. Here Sadhaka Rajanatha receives the Holy Panchakshara mantra from the lips of the living Satguru along with instructions for the practice of japa.

Sadhaka Satyanatha as well.

Sadhaka Tandavanatha is initiated.

And Sadhaka Nandinatha. The instructions include directions for what to visualize while doing japa. It is the beginning of a lifelong practice and the first formal step on the path of Rajayoga.

Preparing to take the Kumbha

Outside, going around Nandi

The Mahasphatika Linga.

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