Second Layer of Iraivan's Roof Completed

The Siddhidata Kulam scheduled work on Star 3 (yesterday) of our retreat and the second layer of the Iraivan’s roof was done. It was another concrete layer added on top of the first one.

Arumugaswami was on the job with the camera that morning.

The pump truck and long boom are very impressive.

While the masons and our monks work on aloft, the silpis are continuing below with their work on the floor.

This is very, very hard work, but this is all these men do, day after day and they really know how to get the job done!

Our team had previously installed a middle “beam” which is center ridge.

The concrete was delivered very “thick” which means it was made a dry as possible with large gravel. this allowed the masons to put a slope from the center downwards to the edge of the roof.

It was a very successful day and Iraivan is now dry inside!

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