A View From Iraivan Temple's Roof

March 12th was the historical final sixty yard cement roof pour for Iraivan Temple. Special guest included neighbor Nicole Lawerance and Kulamata Savitri Palani from Concord, CA hosted by Kulamata Isani Alahan. Between the third and fourth of six eleven yard cement trucks, the roof was available for observation.

From Malaysia, taskforce guest Murutu is learning hands-on the skills and challenges of building a sacred monument designed to last a millennium and more.

Workers begin to gather for the arrival of the next truck.

Pilgrim Vayudeva Varadan has a wonderful view in the scaffolding next to the Rajagopuram.

Workers on hands and knees masterfully smooth the last pour.

Yes, he is part of the crew and faithfully stays near his owner while work progresses.

Sannyasin Yoginathaswami and Sadhaka Tejadeva discuss the project beneath the shoot attached to the pouring tube.

Always cheerful and every helpful, Sadhaka Tejadeva takes a break to smile for TAKA. The temperatures have been in the 50's during the past few weeks, but this was a boon for drying the cement slowly.

The mud is being loaded below to flow through the canvas tube.

Here it comes. All attention is focused to smooth the concrete in this crucial and technical pour.

Sadhaka Haranandinatha observing and hosting guests.

Extensions are added as needed to the smoothing tools to reach across the fresh cement.

The cement truck loading the pump truck.

As we descended the scaffolding stairs, the fifth truck pulled up for the next eleven yard pour.

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