Nature Photos from Michelle Mellicker

Michelle Mellicker, one of our video trainers from Los Angeles with us last phase, is a great photographer. She captured some wonderful views of the monastery. It's always nice to see the land through the eyes of someone new. She shared these photos with the monastery via Facebook, where we are now exploring creating a monastery presence. There, one of her relatives commented that the land really seemed to let her in. Indeed, it did, starting with the magnificent view of the pali, Wailua River and waterfall that captivates us every day.

One of our koi ponds

A bromeliad flower reaching for the sky

Our photo captioner doesn't know what this is, but it is beautiful!

The stone chains, now on display at Iraivan Temple, are quite a work of art and engineering to behold.

What a wonderful view of the distant rudraksha trees

Some of the tools the stone craftsmen use in the construction of the temple.

Michelle's caption for this photo reads, "Rain never looked so good."

Rain captured on an ape leaf (that's pronouned ah-pay)

View of the Ganapati Kulam building from the Orchid Mandapam Thanks, Michelle!

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  1. Frank van Waardenburg says:

    Hi Michelle, it’s nice to see a van Broekhuizen visit the monestary.

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