Yogaswami's Mahasamadhi at Kauai Aadheenam

We bring pictures from our arati for Yogaswami yesterday in the Guru peedam where a gold-plated image of our Parameshti Guru is enshrined.

Yogaswami said of his songs called “Natchintanai”

“The songs of Swami Yoganathan
Shall reveal the beauteous Path.
They’ll fill thee with ambrosial bliss
Till you breathe, and crown thee
With the truth of Aham Brahmasmi.”

Yogaswami sang in his famous Natchintanai called “Anma Jnanam”

1. The abode of Wisdom (JnanaVeedu) shall be our gain, If the discipline of charity and austerity, we espouse.

2. Remember the Lord who’s like fragrance in the flower, And thy tongue shall repeat the name of Namasivaya.

3. Serve Him who is Purity and Life of life And thou shalt realise Siva’s grace.

4. The ignorant know not the flowery Feet of God, Invoke Him aloud, before the call of Death.

5. If you surrender yourself entirely at His Feet, He will shelter you like the sweet mother.

Read the entire piece by clicking here. (scroll down on that page to the section called “The Psalm”

In our Guru peedam, meditation room we have some amazing wooden inlays of artwork depicting scenes in the lives of our Gurus.

Lord Siva, Dancing above Yogaswami’s head.

Yogaswami (left) receiving the grace of his Satguru, Chellappaswami who is in the chariot house at Nallur (right)

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