Monks are pouring more concrete on the temple roof

The monks of the Siddhidata Kulam along with Maruthu and Potriyan from Malaysia are placing more concrete on the Iraivan Temple roof. Only four yards of concrete will be required for this job. It was decided that they could mix it by hand and carry it in buckets.

Using the forklift they lift the buckets of concrete to the roof.

Then carry the buckets across the roof.

Durvasa Alahan, on the left, has joined the team to perform some karma yoga.

Near Durvasa's right hand is a hole drilled through the stone on the edge of the roof. Rainwater should run through the hole and through the crocodile shaped rain spout. This new layer of concrete, which will be poured along the entire length of the roof, will allow the rainwater to drain correctly.

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