Tour day, April 15th, 2009

Guests gather at the entrance on Kaholalele Road before the 9:00 am tour.

Nearly 85 visitors walked through the gardens our to Iraivan Temple observing breath taking beauty and learning more about the oldest religion on the planet.

Kanan works on the hand rail.

Hugging trees and gathering rudraksha fruit are favorite activities on the tour day.

Kanan passes around the tools for carving granite including coal drawing pencils and a variety of chisels.

This return guest shared that he comes to the temple every year fifteen years. Here he tries his hand at carving

Visitors are in awe of all the varieties of plants and their beauty found throughout the botanical gardens.

An usual flower to behold, the Venezuelan Rose is in bloom.

A young Hindu couple visiting from San Jose, CA. Vin and Ashwini Addala were born in India, but grew up in CA. He is a software engineer for Apple and she is a kindergarten teacher.

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