Malaysia – Iraivan fund raising activity and teaching

We scroll back in time to two important activities, here in Klang and Kepong, Selangor. In The first activity, Iraivan fund raising gathering were held at Kulapathi Gunasegaran's home. Brahmacharini Gowri Nadeson and Mr Mogan gave detail explaination about Iraivan and how they can be part of an international sponsor team,in particular the floor stones.

Kulapathi Gunasegaran and family had been a wonderful host for that event. They'd set up information and display booth at a corner of their living hall.

Invited guests were paying keen attention while Mr Mogan elobrates how sponsorship of Iraivan's magnificent floor stones can be done one line.They had managed to get few sponsor from this home gathering.

The second activity, teachings of Hinduism lessons at Klang. Mr Mogan, Barathy and their team had been busy conducting Saivite Hindu lessons to children on weekends.

Class in session. Studying in chakrawala with fun and joy.

Group picture with students.

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