Uma Sivanathan Takes Arul Sishya Vows

Looking for an auspicious day for laying foundations and taking vows, Tandu and Uma Sivanathan rise early this morning and head for Kadavul Siva Temple.

After deep reflection, study and preparation Uma wants to move closer to God, Gods and Guru, by taking the Vows of Arulsishya.

Offering fruits and garlands from their incredible gardens, Tandu and Uma sit before His Majesty Lord Ganesha.

First she reads the Sakahara Vrata. To demonstrate her compassion, her karuna for all living beings, Uma vows to continue her strict practice of vegetariansim.

Next she reads the great vow of Ahimsa, the maha vrata of noninjury. The cradinal virture for living the Sanatana Dharma of causing no harm to living creatures in thought, word or deed.

Finally the Dasama Bhaga Vrata. Siva’s close devotees take a vow to tithe ten percent of their gross income to their lineage monthly.

As an Arulsishya of Satguru Bodhinathaswami, Uma Sivanathan will now begin preparation of her next step towards full membership and initiation.

Next comes the Kailasa Paramapara Vow. This is the vow of fidelity and loyalty to the guru lineage of preceptors of the Nandinatha Sampradaya and the principals of the pancha nitya karmas.

Uma signs her sacred pledges. Her sacred vratas will also be signed by Satguru Bodhinathaswami and all Paramacharyas and Acharyas of the Saiva Swami Sangam

3 Responses to “Uma Sivanathan Takes Arul Sishya Vows”

  1. Nalini says:

    So Nice!!
    Congratulations for reaching this level!
    It’s so inspiring!

    Jai Ganesa!

  2. adi sankara peruman says:

    Congratulation !!! Great day…

  3. k. Sadhunathan Nadesan says:

    Congratulations Uncle & Auntie! Jai Ganesh!

    What uplifting pictures.

    You are already as milk poured into milk. Centillions of devas are flashing wide grins.

    Me too. 🙂

    Jai Gurudeva
    Jai Bodhinatha
    Aum Aum
    Uncle Sadhu

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